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Devon and Somerset Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP)

A new initiative aimed at employers and education and training providers.

The Plan is actively working to shape the future workforce so it better suits the needs of businesses and organisations in the region.

We know employers want a labour market with the skills they need. The LSIP aims to put employers’ voices at the heart of planning for future skills provision.

What is the Devon and Somerset LSIP?

The Devon and Somerset Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) aims to work with employers and education providers in Devon and Somerset to make sure the skills system produces a workforce that matches their needs.

The Plan will help education establishments adjust their curriculum on the advice of employers to create “ready to work” potential employees.

Who is leading it?
LSIP sees Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Somerset Chamber of Commerce come together to lead the project.

Both Chambers have a long history of successfully and effectively working with employers and educators, and have dedicated staff engaging with both sectors.

How is it funded?
The Plan is funded by the Department for Education. The funding comes in the hopes of using the findings from pilot activity to engage with businesses in the region and report the outcome to education providers.

What’s it aiming to achieve?
The aim of the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) is to put the views of employers at the heart of skills planning – so education institutions can be confident they are training people with skills that match what employers in the region need.

How will it do it?
Together, the two Chambers are the designated Employer Representative Body tasked with developing and delivering the Plan. Both Chambers have been hearing from businesses for many years
about what they need from the local workforce.

The Chambers will work with universities, colleges and training providers to ensure the voice of employers is at the forefront of skills agendas.

A series of events and engagement opportunities for early 2023 are being organised by the Chambers across both counties.

How can employers get involved?
Details for upcoming events and engagement opportunities will be advertised on the LSIP website, Employers can head to the website to get in touch and find out more information about being involved and sign up for more information.

There is a dedicated page on the website, which hosts a form for employers to enquire about more information in each region.

How do I find out more?
The LSIP website, is a great tool for finding out more about the Plan, how to get involved and how to get in touch.

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