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InExeter announce the return of the Exeter Green Coat Tours this Spring

A Special Edition Tour that was created by InExeter with the Exeter Red Coat Guides – a team of volunteers who are passionate about the city’s fascinating history – is returning to the city this spring.

This tour was developed to take people to some of the less usual and more commercially interesting areas of the city. Like many historic cities, Exeter presents a mosaic of different areas and localities that have developed their own distinctive character.

The tour explores how areas of the city have changed and adapted over the years as well as highlighting the types of businesses that are in Exeter today. The high street is ever changing, and this insightful tour looks at the history that has shaped the city centre we have today as well as showcasing the business areas that have been established in the city helping Exeter to prosper.

Ann Hunter, InExeter BID Manager explains “At InExeter we champion and support businesses in the city. There are so many amazing businesses in the city and The Red Coat Tours are a wonderful way for people to explore the city. This was the perfect opportunity for InExeter to work with the Red Coat Tours to establish a tour that celebrates Exeter, the city we have today, and introduce people to the many businesses that are our point of difference”.

On the tour you will learn about the city’s origins, dating back to AD 55 and learn of its Roman settlement past which still forms the heart of the city. You will be guided through the streets and learn of Exeter’s early prosperity and how events in history have shaped the city we have today.

The tour will explain how a Bishop managed to make the King bow to him, the past of Exeter’s Streets and the things that have become renowned in the city from the famously narrow Parliament Street, Mary the Pigeon to the House that Moved.

The name ‘Green Coat’ was given as the tour concentrates on the sustainability of the city – how the city has been cultivated over time and how independent businesses are key to its future success. The tour reveals the secrets of Exeter, informs Exeter’s past, what it was like and how it has shaped the city we live in today. On the route there are significant landmarks in the city including the previously well-known department store turned Hotel Indigo and independent districts including the Castle Quarter and West Quarter where past histories of the streets are told which you would not realise walking down them today. The tour also visits Fore Street in the West Quarter where the history of McCoy’s Arcade is told which is now the home of the renowned vintage store The Real McCoy.

Free to attend, there are two tours scheduled to take place, one on Thursday 23rd March at 10:00am and the next on Wednesday 19th April at 2:30pm. The tours last an hour and a half, meeting at the war memorial on Cathedral Green and finishing at Exeter’s Historic Quayside.

To join the tour, register via the Eventbrite link:

The Red Coat Team are overseen by Exeter City Council and we thank them for partnering with InExeter to create this special tour of the city.