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The Urban Learning Academy: Learner Survey

The Urban Learning Academy is a group of connected organisations enabling community-based adult learning, in accessible locations, empowering and transforming the lives of people who find it hardest to connect and engage.

In the coming weeks and months, the group will be working with individuals and organisations from across Exeter to bring the ULA into being. The ULA will grow from the emerging four founding partners, CoLab Exeter, Exeter College, Exeter City council and Devon County Council to an agile, innovative alliance. They will work with a values-led, aspirational approach to collaborative working – valuing difference; respect; reciprocity; honesty and ensuring all voices are being heard.

They will work together to provide different ways for adults to access learning – at a time and in a place that works to their needs and agenda – not theirs.

Organisations will maintain their unique identities and will be committed to doing things differently and to always putting the needs of the learner first

The ULA strives to meet the needs of community learning in Exeter and plan their programmes based on what learners say. Please participate in helping the ULA co-design meaningful opportunities and courses for the future by completing the Learner Survey here.