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Never be stuck again for photos or videos to use on your favourite social media platform

Learn to use your smartphone for video and photos

We know that a picture tells a thousand words, and we also know that when people are searching for products or services the first place they look is online, so to get your business snapped up then let’s look at creating some top photographs and videos with your smartphone.

You might not know where to start with creating videos or maybe going live on your facebook page, we will guide you through this process so you come away feeling confident in developing your visual marketing strategy.

Firstly I will teach you how to create a collection of photographs to use on a day to day basis in your digital marketing activity. I will guide you to visually stand out online, help you look at your photography narrative, discuss planning your photography, set up techniques, Styling, locations lighting and how to take a better photograph using just your smartphone.

We will then look at creating video using your smartphone, editing it and broadcasting your video online. I will take you step by step through an interactive workshop, which by the end of it you will have a piece of video ready to use online.

We will explore social media platforms that work well for video and photography, we will discuss the use of SEO, key words and sizing which will amplify your overall marketing offer.

You will need access to a smartphone to complete this workshop.

Link to book here