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Devon & Exeter’s newest distillery is calling on people of the city to name their stills and make their mark in history.

Coastal Gin is the latest invention from Quayside Distillery, vacuum-distilled in the heart of Exeter on the historic quay, using locally grown botanicals. 

Bottling up a true taste of Devon because of their specialised techniques, the futuristic stills behind Coastal Gin need a name, and the venue is asking locals to come up with a title that pays homage to their historic city.

George is also offering a reward in exchange for the chosen name. The prize includes a free tour and tasting session, a bottle of Coastal Gin, and immortality for naming the stills.

George Nightingale, owner of Quayside Distillery and Exmouth’s Spoken bar and Restaurant, said: 

“Just as ships are named at sea and Eddie Stobart trucks are named for the road, naming of stills within distilleries is also a necessary tradition. I want Exeter to take ownership of this distillery and to make it its own by naming our stills.”

Coastal Gin is crafted using groundbreaking vacuum distillation techniques. This means it can be made in the centre of Exeter using ingredients foraged throughout Devon by Quayside’s Head Distiller, Tom Cook. 

It brings subtle floral aromas, citrus notes and hints of a salty sea breeze, with a vibrant and pure finish that offers an authentic taste of Devon. This is down to the key ingredients of lemon verbena, sea blue bell and rock samphire.

Locals and visitors can sample the signature gin and other products the distillery creates, or master the art of gin-making with a bottle to take home at Exeter’s Quayside Distillery, which now has over 27 distillates to choose from. 

The venue also serves up a varied drinks menu and is fast-becoming a go-to private hire and events space in the city, proving that it’s not just another gin bar. George continues: 

“With the distillery settobe an institution within Exeter, the legacy that we make here will be guided by the people of the city. 

Just as we are creating memories within our function space, we want to create moments that last within the school and through the products we, and our customers, make. What better way than by offering this opportunity that will last a lifetime of both visitor and business.”

Click here to have your say on Quayside Distillery’s signature stills, or to find out more about Exeter’s flagship distillery and venue, visit their website.