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Libraries Unlimited Corporate Partnerships

Our brand new Corporate Partnerships pack has landed!

Would you like to partner with one of the biggest charities in the South West?

Founded in 2016, Libraries Unlimited runs public libraries across Torbay and Devon and
delivers a year-round programme of cultural events and activities, support for local
businesses and entrepreneurs, wellbeing initiatives and educational provision. In less than
seven years we’ve brought ideas, imagination, knowledge and creativity to more than 1.5
million people across Torbay and Devon.

Whilst we are proud of our achievements, our community faces growing challenges that
cannot be ignored. Despite our stunning landscape and flourishing tourism industry, our
region remains vulnerable – with high levels of deprivation, low attainment levels and poor
wellbeing outcomes that have all been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the costof-living crisis.

With a multitude of issues that urgently need addressing, we know we can and must do
more to support our local communities.

By partnering with Libraries Unlimited, you’ve recognised that together we can do more. We
have a wide and varied programme that you can select from to support: from improving
children’s literacy, to programmes which combat isolation and poor mental health.
Partnering with us offers the opportunity to:

  • Build deeper networks with your audience by providing direct support to the
    communities in which your company operates.
  • Enhance your brand and build your reputation as a socially responsible company
  • Build rapport with your target audience and reach new audiences
  • Generate positive PR opportunities at a local and county level
  • Develop employee satisfaction
  • Be associated with a much-loved community organisation
    You will also benefit from our extensive and wide reach:
  • 115,000 library members
  • 54 libraries across Devon and Torbay
  • 1.5 million visits per year
  • 115,000+ PC access sessions per year
  • 5,000 events per year
  • 11,500 social media followers
  • 32,000 website users per month
  • 17,000 subscribers to our eNewsletter
  • 2 million viewing our press coverage per quarter

To find out more, download our Partnerships pack from our website or contact us for an
informal chat:

Please contact: [email protected]

Corporate Partnerships – Libraries Unlimited