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A379 Footbridge Installation

As part of the new pedestrian footbridge installation over A379 arterial road, Graham will be carrying out a large engineering task to rig and derig the mobile crane which will lift and position the footbridge.
Arrangement for works will start 22:00 Monday 29 May and could run consecutively through until 00:00
Friday 02 June.

The time frame includes some room for unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, a fault with the crane,
or something else that could cause the bridge lift to be delayed.

Traffic Restrictions

  • In order for us to safely carry out this operation, we will need to close the A379 between Chudleigh
    Road and the Devon Hotel. “Road Closed Access Only” signs will maintain access for residents of
    Haldon Reach.
  • Advanced notification signs will be provided on surrounding roads and diversion signs will be in
    place. Please refer to the diversion plan overleaf.
    We would be grateful if you could observe the signs and restrictions in place, as your safety and the safety
    of our workforce is paramount.
    Due to the nature of the works being carried out, noise disturbance is unavoidable. We will however
    attempt to keep this to a minimum, please accept our apologies in advance.

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