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Have you got an IT project that our HE students could develop into a solution?

Your local Outstanding FE College – Exeter College, is always looking for ways to continuously update the curriculum in HNC/HND Applied Computing.

Recently we have been awarded the Higher Technical Qualification (HTQ) status for our HE Applied Computing Programme.  This is an important Government statement that we are keeping up to date with a curriculum that reflects the needs of employers, by developing relevant skills in students.

We are looking for real world business problems from companies that could become projects for Higher Education students on our Applied Computing programme.  Marketing, finance, business networks, cloud technologies, databases, artificial intelligence, control systems and big data problems could be useful to us.  The outcome might be useful to you!

Our main pathways are:

Software Development

Cyber Security


We’re not offering commercial solutions or asking for supervision from companies, although if any wanted to be involved on an ongoing basis, that would be great.

We want to know of a problem that you have, that we can assign to our students, so they can keep up to date with real business problems and develop relevant skills.  Naturally we’d be delighted if a company wanted to follow the development!

If you wish to know more about the programme in general, including modules and content, you can visit the web site here Applied Computing HND (HTQ) (

If you wish to get in touch to discuss ideas, thank you! please contact [email protected]

David Stedman – HE Applied Computing (HTQ) Tutor and lecturer