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Program: Positive Impact in Business

As an agency, we love working with positive impact brands.

We are committed to working with brands that make a positive impact. However, we want to go further, to explore and understand the challenges and opportunities for positive impact brands and their effect on the world. That way, we can share learnings to accelerate positive impact initiatives across the region and beyond.

We have created a series of activities and events for 2023 to open the conversation to the wider South West business community. We will look at the challenges and opportunities around being a positive impact brand and what that means in the real world.

Get involved!

We’ve launched our first Positive Impact Business Survey and we’d love for you to complete it – it won’t take long!

Results will be shared with participants over the summer.

Then on 14th September, we will hold the first South West of England Positive Impact Summit,  at the University of Exeter Business School.