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Harnessing the Power of T Level Students in the Workplace

As the demand for skilled workers continues to rise, employers are seeking innovative solutions to bridge the gap between education and employment. Exeter’s dynamic and progressive accountancy firm, Griffin, has done just that and has welcomed the Government’s new T Level qualification thanks to Exeter College. The new qualification holds great promise for both students and employers alike. T Levels are a technical alternative to A-Levels, providing students with a mix of classroom learning and on-the-job experience.

Exeter College is one of the first providers in the country to be offering the Government’s new T Level qualifications; a technical-based qualification that is set to revolutionise technical education in the UK.

In this article Misty Nickells, managing director of Griffin Chartered Accountants shares her experience of employing a T Level student and why other businesses should consider tapping into this emerging talent pool:

“The T Level qualification is something I only recently found out about when I met Tom from Exeter College at an Exeter Chamber networking event. I instantly thought this was a great pathway for students to be able to get into accountancy and a direct pathway into the AAT qualification.

“Recruitment of young people has increasingly become more difficult in recent years, but this qualification has enabled us to take on Spencer, our T Level student from Exeter College. Spencer joins Griffin for one day a week helping our team with a range of tasks that not only will help reinforce his learning at college, but also will integrate him into our team with a longer-term view of potentially progressing onto an AAT apprenticeship, on completion of his T Level course.

“So far this is working out really well and we feel this has been a benefit to both parties. I would like to thank Tom O’Regan, of Exeter College (Industry Placement Liaison Officer) for making this process run so smoothly and introducing us to this pathway. I’d definitely recommend this to other employers who might be considering taking on a T Level student.”

T Level the benefits to business

T Level programmes are designed in collaboration with employers, ensuring that students acquire the skills and knowledge that directly align with industry demands. By employing T Level students, businesses gain from a fresh perspective. Students enter the workforce equipped with up-to-date skills and practical experience, making them valuable assets from day one.

Companies can benefit from their fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and ability to adapt quickly. T Level students bring a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, making them agile problem solvers who can contribute to the growth and innovation of an organisation.

Tom O’Regan, Industry Placement Liaison Officer Exeter College explains how the T Level onboarding works;

“After meeting Misty Nickells and having such a positive discussion at the Exeter Chamber coffee morning regarding T Level placements, we were able to swiftly arrange a short list and conduct virtual informal interviews with prospective students.

“Griffin Accountants then selected Spencer and after completing an induction and with Nick as a mentor, Spencer is now part of their team. We are grateful for this positive approach that is allowing our Exeter College student to connect and apply what they are learning in the classroom to a business environment.

Spencer shares an insight as to what it’s like to be a T Level student and why he chose this route in education;

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What made you choose the T Level?

“After speaking to people at school about career choices, and that I wanted to be an accountant, they mentioned the T Level qualification. They provided me with information on the course choices and a description of what a T Level included. It was then I knew this was the route I wanted to go down – with the practical experience and knowledge base.”

“I’m definitely enjoying accountancy and experiencing working in an office environment. The way I’m learning is completely different to how I would be learning if I’d pursued the A Levels route. Instead of trying to retain endless notes of information, I’m putting what I’m learning into practice in real time, which enables me to retain and remember through the action of doing.”

Employing T Level students can enhance productivity and contribute to a diverse and inclusive workforce. By recognising the potential of T Level programs and investing in these students, businesses can gain a competitive edge in their respective industries while providing valuable opportunities for the next generation of skilled workers.

If this article has sparked your interest about finding out more about placement opportunities for your business, please contact Tom O’Regan [email protected] or a member of the Industry Placement Liaison Team at Exeter College.