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Quayside Distillery’s launches a new trio of cellos – now available to order.

Quayside Distillery, a local producer of handcrafted spirits on Exeter Quay, has officially launched their eagerly anticipated range of cellos for purchase.

The zesty Limoncello, Narancello, and Limecello are the latest additions to their growing portfolio of homemade spirits and liqueurs, adding to the highly successful Coastal Gin and Verbena Vodka. Made from the finest fresh fruit, these punchy aperitifs are now available for order on the Quayside website.

Having created a strong reputation for its commitment to quality and innovation in the spirits industry, the trio of cellos add to the plethora of flavoured spirits made on-site. Although this particular range of spirits doesn’t use their ground-breaking vacuum distillation techniques, it is made by the Head Distiller, Tom, who hand grates all of the fruity zest used to make each cello.

The centrepiece of the collection, Limoncello, provides the drinker with a vibrant burst of citrusy lemons, offering a tongue-tingling balance of punchy and tangy flavours. Narancello, produced using carefully selected oranges, delivers a sweet and refreshing citrus experience that awakens the palette and pairs perfectly with a sunny day. Lastly, Limecello captures the essence of freshly picked limes, offering a sharp and invigorating taste that will transport you to tropical shores.

Acting as the perfect aperitif for any occasion, the cellos can be served chilled as a refreshing tipple for BBQ guests or mixed with other spirits to form creative cocktails.

Quayside Distillery commit to using fresh fruit to create these unique cellos, ensuring an authentic and pure flavour profile. By championing the “less waste, more taste” ethos, the distillery minimises waste across production and maximises the full potential of every lemon, lime and orange used.

“These cellos have spent a lot of time in the making, and we are proud to offer a unique, flavoursome experience to our customers with the Trio of Cellos” said George Nightingale, owner of Quayside Distillery. 

To celebrate the launch, Quayside Distillery is offering customers the opportunity to order the three cellos online, with free delivery to those in the EX1 and EX2 areas for a limited time.

As well as the bar at Quayside Distillery, the cellos can also be found and taste-tested in Exmouth’s highly-regarded Spoken restaurant, with a plan for other restaurants and licensed venues to stock the Trio of Cellos in the future.  

Place your order today and elevate your aperitif game with these remarkable cellos that embody the perfect blend of craftsmanship, sustainability, and refreshing taste.