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Celebrating 45 Years in Law – Richard Kemp

For over four decades, Richard Kemp has been an esteemed figure in the legal world. This month we celebrate his 45 fantastic years’ service and look back at some of the most notable milestones along the way.

Richard’s journey began at Oxford University, where he embarked on his legal education, gaining a degree in Jurisprudence (the principles of law) before going on to hone his skills at the College of Law Guildford. This educational foundation was just the beginning of an illustrious career that has spanned various roles and legal spheres.

After completing his legal studies, Richard went on to take the first steps in his legal career as an articled clerk/trainee solicitor at a reputable Bristol firm. This early experience allowed him to gain a wealth of invaluable knowledge across many areas of law, that has served him well throughout his career.

After qualifying as a solicitor and spending three more years gaining experience within the Bristol firm, Richard decided to make the move to the picturesque town of Martock in Somerset, for the next stage of his career as an assistant/associate solicitor at Clarke Willmott & Clarke, in charge of their Martock office.

Later after making a pivotal life and career decisions, Richard acquired the legal practice in Martock, and continued it under the name of Richard P Kemp BA Solicitor. While it presented many challenges, his dedication paid off, propelling the firm forward and expanding its clientele over many years.

In 2016 with retirement around the corner, Richard made the decision to merge his practice with AmicusLaw, where he remains today as a consultant.

In July 2023, Richard marks an impressive milestone of 45 years in the legal profession. Reflecting on his journey he attributes much of his success to the unwavering support and involvement of his wife Jackie, who played the role of office/practice manager, allowing him to solely focus on his clients and practice.

Richard’s vast career serves as a great reminder that passion, hard work, and dedication are the pillars of a fulfilling and successful career in law. As Richard’s legacy continues at AmicusLaw, his work in the legal field remains a testament to his dedication to the profession.

Congratulations Richard, to an incredible 45 years in law!