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BritCham Indonesia visit Exeter

By August 11, 2023Uncategorized

1-2-1 Export Opportunities Meetings with Chris Wren, CEO of BritCham Indonesia

Tuesday, 3rd of October 2023, Exeter Science Park

Explore business opportunities in South East Asian, lunch, plenary and 1-2-1 expert sessions.

This one-off event will help SW businesses looking to export through dedicated Business Clinic Sessions, that are open for any British companies that are interested in understanding the current business climate in South East Asia. It will help provide assistance with identifying agents, distributors or representatives, who are keen to understand more about market access challenges in Indonesia.

South East Asia is forecast to be the world’s fourth-largest economy by 2030 as its combined gross domestic product (GDP) already reaches into the trillions of GBP.  Help ensure your success in Indonesia by embracing the best ecosystem for market access and ongoing guidance. BritCham Indonesia has a fully comprehensive ecosystem. 

The size of Indonesia means that there are opportunities across all sectors, however, the following are currently particularly attractive:

1. Renewable Energy

2. Sustainability

3. Manufacturing & Technology

4. Niche Technology

5. Healthcare

6. Digital

7. Education

8. Professional Services

9. Food, Beverage, and Retail

This visit represents a great opportunity if you have an interest in understanding the current business climate, need assistance with identifying agents, distributors or reps, are keen to understand more about market access challenges, or are interested in membership of BritCham Indonesia – book your place.

To attend our plenary session featuring an overview of ASEAN with a focus on Indonesia AND to book a 1-2-1 speed meeting with Chris, please send an email to:   [email protected]  with the subject: Doing Business in Indonesia – Exeter, UK.

1-2-1s will be pre-booked and run after the lunch and plenary session, with slots available on a first-come basis.