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Quayside Distillery, a leading name in artisanal craft spirits, is thrilled to announce the winners of their much-anticipated Still Naming Competition

The competition, which invited the people of Exeter and beyond to name the stills at their prestigious distillery, has concluded with two creative and meaningful names chosen by the distillery’s owner, George Nightingale: “Temperance” and “Clarence.”

The competition garnered an enthusiastic response from the local community, as participants became eager for the chance to leave an everlasting mark on the distillery and its legacy. The winning names were carefully selected for their historical significance and deep connection to the local heritage of Exeter.

The first name, “Temperance”, pays homage to a pivotal moment in Exeter’s history. It is a tribute to the last witch, Temperance Lloyd, to be executed in the UK, an event that unfolded right in the heart of Exeter’s city centre.

The second winning name, “Clarence,” stands as a heartfelt tribute to the Clarence Hotel on Exeter Cathedral Green. This historic establishment, which tragically met its fate in a devastating fire in 2016, holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. 

In addition to the honour of naming the stills, the winners will be rewarded with a delightful prize package, including a complimentary tour and tasting session at Quayside Distillery and a bottle of their exquisite Coastal Gin. “We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Still Naming Competition,” said George Nightingale, owner of Quayside Distillery. “The names ‘Temperance’ and ‘Clarence’ not only resonate with the stories of Exeter but also beautifully capture the spirit of our craft. We thank everyone who participated and look forward to welcoming them to experience the rich tapestry of history that Quayside Distillery offers.”

Quayside Distillery continues to be a cornerstone of excellence in craft spirits, blending tradition with innovation. The names “Temperance” and “Clarence” are set to become an integral part of the distillery’s identity, reflecting a commitment to history, heritage, and community. Book your gin school experience and view the stills in person.