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Quayside Distillery’s White Spirit Label Collaborations Elevate Exeter’s High-End Experience

Quayside Distillery, a beacon of excellence in the craft spirits industry, is proud to announce its transformative white spirit label collaborations with esteemed partners: Mercure Hotel, Crankhouse Coffee, and Exmouth’s Devoncourt. 

These prestigious collaborations represent Quayside Distillery’s dedication to crafting reputable spirits that are gaining remarkable traction among high-end brands in Exeter.

Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, Quayside Distillery is leading the charge in creating premium craft spirits that elevate the local experience. Having become known for its home-distilled range of spirits and liqueurs, Quayside utilises groundbreaking vacuum distillation techniques, a method used by only a handful across the country.

Vacuum distillation operates under reduced pressure, meaning compounds can be boiled at a lower temperature which minimises the risk of burning or degradation of the ingredient. This means that almost any ingredient can be distilled, unlocking a world of potential for unique, bespoke spirit flavours that can be tailored to the needs of any brand.

The white spirit label collaborations reflect a harmonious blend of distinct brands coming together to offer patrons an unparalleled journey of flavour and sophistication.

The collaboration with Mercure Southgate Hotel, a symbol of luxury and refinement, marks a milestone for Quayside Distillery. This partnership has resulted in a white spirit that captures the essence of the hotel’s elegance and offers a unique taste of Exeter’s hospitality.

The alliance with Crankhouse Coffee, a champion of exceptional coffee experiences, showcases Quayside Distillery’s versatility in crafting spirits that resonate with diverse palates. The collaborative white spirit embodies the rich, aromatic notes that have become synonymous with Crankhouse Coffee’s artisanal offerings.

The Devoncourt, an epitome of coastal charm and indulgence, joins forces with Quayside Distillery to create a white spirit that echoes the allure of Devon’s stunning coastline. This partnership embodies the coast and celebrates the region’s natural beauty through a refined, expertly crafted spirit.

“The white spirit label collaborations with Mercure Hotel, Crankhouse Coffee, and Devoncourt highlight our commitment to crafting exceptional spirits that celebrate the essence of Exeter’s high-end brands,” said George Nightingale, owner of Quayside Distillery. “Each collaboration reflects our dedication to innovation, flavour, and a shared passion for delivering a premium experience to our patrons.” The success of these white spirit label collaborations speaks volumes about Quayside Distillery’s reputation for excellence and its ability to create bespoke spirits that resonate with a discerning clientele. As these collaborations gain traction and appreciation in Exeter’s hospitality scene, Quayside Distillery continues to set the standard for high-end craft spirits and invites other independents and chains to create their own unique spirit recipes.