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Building My Future: Celebrating a Decade at Timewade

From joining Timewade as an apprentice over a decade ago, to my recent appointment as Managing Director, I’ve loved every minute of that journey. It’s not only allowed me to witness every facet of our company but has also provided me with invaluable insights into our growth and evolution. Today, I’m proud to be part of the leadership team at a thriving, high-quality technology support company, and I’m excited to share the pivotal moments and lessons from my time here.

When I first joined the company, I quickly discovered that my love for troubleshooting tech issues wasn’t just about resolving problems; it was about the impact it had on the people I helped. Receiving feedback directly from clients about how a seemingly small IT issue I had solved made their work easier or improved their day filled me with satisfaction.

It was a crucial realisation – that even seemingly minor technology problems could have a significant impact on an individual’s work, mood, or day. I learned that providing first-class IT service isn’t just about fixing issues; it’s about showing value to employees within a business, as they rely on technology daily.

But I didn’t stop at resolving individual issues. I wanted to think beyond the immediate fix and focus on streamlining the entire process. How could we reduce the fix time from, for example, 15 minutes on the phone to just three or four minutes? I understood that to scale, we needed to make it simple for new team members to be trained in providing the same efficient service. This journey led me to introduce processes and training methods to ensure knowledge was passed down efficiently. After all, the only way to scale is to train people with a high level of expertise, offering fast and efficient solutions to problems.

One aspect of Timewade I’m immensely proud of is our commitment to learning and development. I’ve been focused on refining our processes and filling knowledge and skills gaps through hands-on training. We believe in growing our own talent, nurturing them within our unique culture. Well-trained, empowered team members who understand the intricacies of our work are the backbone of our success.

This commitment to development was driven by personal experience. When I embarked on a nine-day residential training course six years ago, I initially thought that simply showing up and putting in the effort would suffice. I was in for a surprise when everyone, including myself, failed the first test. It was a humbling experience that taught me that true success requires going the extra mile. I realised that to pass the course, I needed to put in effort outside of the training sessions. Months of dedicated self-study followed, and I eventually passed. This experience is one I now strive to pass on to my team – the understanding that success demands pushing beyond the basics.

Working in various roles across Timewade has allowed me to see how everything pieces together. I experienced firsthand how a team working towards a shared goal can make a significant difference. This exposure enabled me to anticipate issues, implement solutions, and understand the challenges different teams face. It’s invaluable knowledge that helps me lead effectively today.

Our recent shift in Timewade’s leadership is focused on expanding our business development efforts and scaling up. This involves delegating responsibilities to other team members, allowing directors to concentrate on business growth. Planning and training have been vital in this process. Over the past two years, I’ve worked closely with a number of team members to train them, enabling me to let go of certain responsibilities. While it may have taken time, it allowed me to trust them completely, freeing me to focus on growing the business.

For those starting their careers, my advice is to find a manager who will push you to grow and support your development. Seek out a team with a genuinely positive culture and a history of employee retention. Once you’re in a role, remember that showing up isn’t enough. If you want something, you must be willing to push yourself, both in your career and in expanding your knowledge and skills.

My journey at Timewade has been an incredible adventure of growth, learning, and transformation. Now, I’m looking forward to leading our exceptional team, as we take on new clients, new team members, and continue to deliver leading technology solutions to organisations across the South West and beyond.

Here’s to the next decade of innovation, excellence, and unwavering commitment.

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