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Innes Catton joined the Royal Marines in September 2002 and realised a lifelong ambition to earn the coveted Green Beret. On promotion to Major he completed Staff College and joined 40 Commando RM as their Operations Officer for the Commando Forces’ last operational tour of Afghanistan. On his return he took command of Alpha Company ‘The Saints’ and was subsequently selected as OC RM Initial Officer Training at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. Over this early period, he completed two operational deployments in Iraq with SFSG and two operational deployments of Afghanistan in 3 Commando Brigade (HERRICK 9 & 17).

After promotion to Lieutenant Colonel he attended Advanced Command and Staff Course in 2015. Posted to the COMATG Maritime Battle Staff as their principal plans officer, this included the staff taking command of a United States operation in the Arabian Gulf. In early 2018 he joined Navy Commitments and was responsible for RN Task Group and multinational exercise planning including budgetary oversight.

Selected for Command of 45 Commando RM in 2019, he enjoyed two Norway deployments and commanding the first Littoral Response Group (North) in the Baltic as Commander Landing Forces, while contending with the global pandemic throughout much of his tenure. On completion he was appointed as Chief of Staff of the Navy’s Strategy and Policy Directorate helping to implement the Navy’s successful Integrated Review proposition.

On promotion to Colonel, Innes was selected as Deputy Commander of 3 Commando Brigade June 2022 and relished developing the Future Commando Force in practice while supporting the Ukrainian Marines. Selection as Commandant Commando Training Centre in October 2023 is the realisation of a long-held ambition. He cannot wait to play a part in further modernising Royal Marines training and striving to make CTCRM amongst the best places to work. Married to Melissa, they have three children and live in Somerset, and he is very much enjoying the novelty of daily commuting!