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Exeter-based energy technology specialist AnTech celebrates employee long-service awards

The longevity and staff retention rate reflects AnTech’s employee-centric culture and helps customers cope with a rapidly changing market towards net-zero

Exeter-based energy technology specialist AnTech celebrates its employee long-service awards. AnTech’s impressive staff retention reflects the company’s employee-centric culture and dedication of its staff.

AnTech is always striving to understand and develop its team by finding new ways to help them grow and thrive. This is demonstrated in the years of service from the team. The sector as a whole is experiencing dramatic change so ensuring your team is stable and knowledgeable means that as a business AnTech can better prepare and help customers in their journey toward a net-zero future. 

Recipients of the long-service award include various members at all levels of the business who are celebrating 20, 15, 10 and 5 years’ service to the company.

Head of Business Systems, Benjamin Brooking, who has been at AnTech for 20 years, comments: “Being a small business means that you are always “close to the action” so team members can have a big impact on the business. It’s a tight knit and friendly team which makes for an inclusive and productive working environment. Finally, there’s always plenty of interesting problems to solve. The team has a broad range of experience, and we take the time to learn from each other and solve these problems together.”

Fellow long-service recipient, Head of Engineering, Chris Bowmer, who has been with AnTech for 15 years, comments: “We consistently work on big technical developments which means there is never a dull moment. I have had the opportunity to travel the world, working on a number of leading-edge projects. At AnTech, there are always plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and to enhance your technical expertise, which is all supported by the management team.”

Toni Miszewski, Founder and CEO of AnTech, said: “We are thrilled to honour our hardworking team members with these long-service awards and we thank them for their dedication to AnTech over the years.

“We are proud that our company culture celebrates individual and team successes, that gives credit where credit is due and offers a sense of accomplishment. We feel it’s important to create a positive working environment where our employees feel valued and supported. We encourage open communication which is critical for building a strong team.

“Undoubtedly, the sector we are in has changed dramatically from the time AnTech was founded, and the company will experience even greater (but necessary) changes over the next few years in the journey to help achieve net zero. It is testimony to the professionalism and talent of the team here that we are able to adapt and ensure we can help customers navigate this uncertain future,” Miszewski concluded.

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