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She Leads – Empowering Women in the Workplace  

IT support provider Nexus is thrilled to announce the fourth instalment of ‘Nexus Presents’, a series of thought leadership events shining a spotlight on the topics that matter most to business owners and leaders across the South West.  

This instalment, ‘She Leads’, is set to take place on the 8th February at Exeter Golf and Country Club and will delve into the crucial role businesses play in encouraging women to pursue STEM and leadership roles from education through their careers. With a McKinsey report revealing that diverse companies are 33% more likely to have greater financial returns than their less-diverse industry peers, this topic should be on every business owner’s agenda.  

Nexus Presents promises an engaging experience through a series of four compelling lightning talks, each spanning 15 minutes. During these talks, speakers will not only share their personal journeys and insights but also share changes and strategies that attendees can readily implement in their respective businesses. This ensures that participants leave with actionable takeaways, ready to make a positive impact on fostering diversity and inclusion within their organisations. The event will end with a Q&A session, providing attendees with the opportunity to engage with our speakers and debate the topic.   

The lineup 

Senior Women Steering Cultural Evolution 
Speaker: Lindsay Lucas (Former MD of Software Solved) 
Lindsay will explore why female leaders are uniquely positioned to challenge norms, foster diversity, and champion inclusivity, ultimately driving organisational growth and resilience. The talk will highlight the tangible benefits of an inclusive and diverse leadership team. 

From Classroom to Coding 

Speaker: Harriet James-Lee, Service Delivery Analyst, Nexus 
Harriet, a technician on our IT service desk, will share her remarkable journey from the classroom to a successful engineering role, emphasizing the critical need to dismantle stereotypes surrounding the IT field. As a passionate advocate, she will discuss her experiences in encouraging young girls to explore IT and computer science. 

Getting DEI Done 
Speaker: Claire Barrett, Director, APIsFirst 
With over 15 years of experience in championing gender balance in the technology sector, Claire will share practical tips for SMEs to turn their intent for better gender balance into actionable strategies. This talk aims to provide valuable insights and solutions to overcome gender balance challenges in businesses. 

Women in the Workplace: A Dialogue on Equality and Safety 
Speaker: Alexis Bowater (OBE), Director and Co-Founder of West Country Women Awards CIC 
Alexis, an award-winning journalist and women’s rights advocate, will share insights from her impactful work. Drawing on her decade-long experience running women in business networks, she will provide valuable perspectives on fostering a supportive work environment. 

Not only will you hear from these four fantastic speakers, but there will also be plenty of time for networking before and after our event whilst enjoying some delicious refreshments.  

Book now  

Don’t miss this essential conversation on building inclusive and innovative workplaces for a brighter future. Places are limited so we encourage you to secure your space now:  

To make this event truly diverse and inclusive, we encourage attendees to bring a friend from a different gender identity. Tackling gender balance challenges requires collaboration from everyone, regardless of gender or non-binary identification.