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VCMO’s ‘Accelerate Growth’ Webinar with Industry Experts Available on The Access To Finance SW Platform

Access to Finance SW has released a new platform resource: a recording of the ‘Accelerate Growth: Investor Secrets for CEOs & Owner-Managers’ webinar.

Check it out and empower yourself with key insights and tools for navigating the world of venture capital and private equity investment.

In this recorded webinar, you’ll gain valuable knowledge on:

  • How external investment can unlock growth: Discover how venture capital and private equity can be a game-changer, propelling your business towards expansion and innovation.
  • Marketing for investment attraction: Uncover strategic marketing techniques that set your business apart and attract the right investors.
  • Engaging with investors: Acquire practical skills to initiate and nurture relationships with potential investors, increasing your chances of securing investment.
  • The pre-investment journey from an owner’s perspective: Gain an insider’s look into securing investment, navigating challenges, and seizing opportunities.

Whether you’re considering your first venture into external investment or looking to refine your approach, this webinar equips you with the knowledge and strategies to make informed decisions and accelerate your business growth.

The webinar features a panel of experts: Paul Mills, CEO & Founder of VCMO; Ben Cooper, Co-Founder of Angel Investors Bristol; and Rob Nicholls, CEO of Rob Nicholls Consulting & Angel Investor. Their combined expertise in venture capital, strategic investment, and consulting delivers a dynamic perspective to empower your business journey.

Brought to you by Heart of the South West LEP and Tech South West, Access to Finance SW is the ultimate community hub for business growth. Explore a wealth of business funding resources in the online digital Resources library, crafted by finance professionals to provide platform members with essential tools for success. Watch the recording now, available exclusively to members, on the Access to Finance SW platform. Become a member today for free, at: