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Wollens win national ESG initiative award!

Wollens were delighted to be awarded the ESG Initiative Award at the national LawNet Ltd annual awards. 

At Wollens we believe that sustainability is fundamental to the long-term success of our business and the communities we are a part of.  We are committed to actively engaging and demonstrating our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. There are two specific identifiers that helped us to prioritise ESG as firm. The first was the 2050 net zero target set by the government, and secondly the feedback from our staff survey which indicated that this was an issue for many of them.  

It was easy to agree that we needed to embrace ESG and hold the firm accountable to external scrutiny to help us measure, quantify, and achieve the best results and highest standards. We joined Planet Mark in 2022 – an internationally recognised sustainability certification. Our first assessment and carbon report was in December 2022.  From that benchmark, we’ve been able to clearly understand and define our future objectives, helping us deliver consistent reductions on our carbon footprint which has embedded sustainability at the core of the business. We decided to enter the Lawnet Awards for this category to highlight the excellent work that is being undertaken and the results that have been achieved so far. 

During the awards process the judges recognised:  That Wollens believe that sustainability is fundamental to the success of our business and communities. LawNet Awards 2023 Winners

Clive Meredith is the Practice Director at Wollens and has been at the heart of driving the ESG initiatives within the firm, Clive said;

“I’m so  pleased that the firm has been recognised by Lawnet for the work we’ve achieved on sustainability. We’ve worked hard over the last few years on initiatives that will help to reduce our carbon footprint, bringing a change in our culture. Our staff have been amazing and have engaged in the process wholeheartedly, ensuring we continue to improve. We’ve still got a lot to accomplish, but sustainability is now at the core of our strategic development as a business. Gaining external recognition of our efforts through this award is extremely satisfying.”

Clive Meredith, Practice Director 

For further information on Wollen’s sustainability efforts please see their page : Sustainability Lawyers – Wollens Solicitors Devon