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Improve Digital Skills within your Workplace and Foster Digital Leadership in your Businesses.

Cosmic are pleased to introduce two fully funded projects designed to empower businesses across Devon & Somerset. These initiatives aim to enhance workplace digital skills, foster digital leadership for SMEs, and support businesses and entrepreneurs in achieving net-zero goals.

These exciting opportunities are only available during 2024 so secure your places because now is the time to invest in your digital skills!

Workplace Digital Skills

Stay ahead in today’s digital landscape with our Workplace Digital Skills programme. Your workforce can benefit from – 

  • Flexible learning of up to 35 hours is available through group workshops, our online learning platform, and a dedicated Digital Coach.
  • Fully-funded training for up to 10 employees throughout this programme

Choose from a variety of training options, including:

  • MS365 Training for Everyone – Give your whole team thorough training in MS365 to create a more connected and cooperative workplace.
  • MS365 Training for Digital Champions –  Develop your own MS365 Digital Champion with this focused training. Designed to enable them to support the wider team to use MS365 tools more efficiently, making team management and daily business tasks easier and more effective.
  • Digital Marketing Training – Help your business growth with focused training in digital marketing strategies. This training covers the latest trends and techniques, allowing you to create more effective and successful digital campaigns.

If you would further information about the programme over a 30 mins Teams call, please book using the link below:

Cosmic – Workplace Digital Skills (

If you don’t require any further information and this programme matches the digital needs of your team, please enrol using the link below:

Workplace Digital Skills Application (

Once you have complete the above form, Devon County Council will email you to confirm that you have been approved onto the project.

Digital Leadership for SME’s

Digital leadership is essential for all businesses in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Develop your leadership skills, gain valuable insights and prepare your business for the future with our programmes.

Our Digital Leadership programme is tailored to help you and your leadership team develop effective strategic understanding and skills. Take advantage of – 

  • Advanced training, support, mentoring, through 3 & 5 module programmes.
  • Understand the strategic value of digital transformation.
  • Learn to use digital tools to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and address change management challenges.

This is a fantastic opportunity to lead the way for staff participating in the Workplace Digital Skills programme above.

Please refer to the attached PDF’s more information about the two programmes we are offering. 

For further information about the programmes and to speak to someone at Cosmic, please complete form using the link  below:

Get in touch about Digital Leadership for SMEs (

If you are ready to register on the Digital Leadership Programme please use the link below

Digital Leadership for SMEs  Application (

Once you have complete the above form, Devon County Council will email you to confirm that you have been approved onto the project.