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Optimising IT Takes Cybersecurity in the South West to the Next Level: Platinum Sponsors and After-Party Hosts for BSides Exeter Debut

The BSides Exeter directors are thrilled that the team at Optimising IT have seized the opportunity to join forces with their fellow professionals in the Exeter area and further afield from Cornwall to Dorset for the first ever BSides event in Devon, held on July 27th. Optimising IT will be sponsoring the Platinum headline slot and the after-party for those who want to continue the conversation.

BSides events are global, independent, community-driven conferences which focus on different aspects of information security and cybersecurity. The name “BSides” is derived from the idea of being an alternative to more traditional security conferences which take place. These events provide a platform for information security professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the field to come together, share knowledge, and engage in discussions.

BSides Exeter originally joined the international BSides community in 2019, with an aim for the first conference in 2020 but due to the pandemic was put on hold. After Stuart and Peter participated at BSides Leeds in June 2023, the idea was reinvigorated with a significant bunch of keen cyber security individuals from the South West. BSides is a specially crafted conference catering for the professionals to learn and network at a different level to your typical midweek commercial conference.

Todd Gifford, Managing Director at Optimising IT, “as soon as we heard that BSides Exeter had come into being, we knew we must get involved. Having known Peter for many years via the Southwest Cyber Cluster, and the international presence of BSides, and what it’s about, a really short conversation and a coffee later, it was clear we could get involved and help make a difference. It’s certainly something we are much aligned to values-wise and we are looking forward to this year, and the years to come.”

Peter Jones, one of the co-founders, “When you start a project into the unknown like BSides, it is difficult to know who else believes in the same vision as you. I was lucky to have three other directors with the same madness and joy for cyber. However, when you are looking for sponsors, Optimising IT more than matched our enthusiasm for cyber security. After meeting Todd and Emma, we knew that the partnership was going to be a fun one as well as educational. We can’t wait to see Optimising IT across our very loud event shirts and their unwavering support to make BSides Exeter a success for everyone.”

Early bird tickets for BSides Exeter have now been released: