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Bespa Growth Partners

Clare Dumbleton, Exeter Chamber Business Support Administrator, meets Chamber Growth Partners Bespa

After sitting down for a coffee and chat with the directors of Bespa, a workspace and commercial interior design and fit out business, and an Exeter Chamber Growth Partner, I left with the definite impression that you don’t just get what you ask for, you also get what you need from your workspace and more.

Graham Sweetinburgh, Managing Director, and Helen Bedford, Design Director were keen to explain and expand on their approach to workspace design for each of their clients.

Bespa’s process doesn’t start with a list or a quote. After receiving an initial brief from the client the process starts with questions, consultations and an engagement process at all levels, no matter what size the project. I found this to be a sensible and refreshing idea. To consult with staff to establish what is needed and enable each businesses unique culture to be enhanced will create the best possible work environment for the client and the challenges they face. As an example: a completed project can look amazing, but if the IT requirements are not met this will cause a great deal of frustration and inefficiencies, a costly mistake.

Another thing I love, is the idea that even though some furniture may need to be designed and created to meet the project brief, where possible Bespa will recycle or reuse their client’s furniture items if still fit for purpose. Furniture and fittings can be up-cycled and given a new lease of life and avoids sending items to landfill, which not only works within Bespa’s environmental principles, it also presents a cost saving for their client.

Whatever the size of the project, Graham and Helen explained that although each client has different requirements, they approach each project with a carefully planned process always with consideration to people, place and planet.

What came through during our conversation is just how passionate the whole team is about their work. This is not only in creating beautiful workspaces for their clients, but also to ensure the whole process is a positive experience for the client, has a low impact on the environment and delivers a workspace where people can flourish.

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This is part of a project at Jurassic Fibre, Pynes Hill