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Is Copilot right for my business?

Copilot is being pushed as the next big thing for businesses, but is it right for your business?

Determining if Copilot is right for your business depends on factors such as your organisation’s size, budget, workflow complexity, and specific needs. If your business relies heavily on Microsoft 365 applications and seeks to streamline tasks, improve productivity, and leverage AI-powered assistance, then Copilot could be a valuable asset. However, careful consideration of its features, costs, and potential benefits is essential to make an informed decision tailored to your business requirements.

What is Copilot?

Copilot is an AI-powered assistant integrated into Microsoft 365 applications. It provides intelligent suggestions and assistance to users, helping streamline tasks, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, Copilot offers personalised support tailored to individual needs within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Key Features of Copilot:

  • AI-powered Assistance: Copilot harnesses advanced AI algorithms to provide intelligent support across various applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: With Copilot, teams can collaborate more effectively by generating draft documents, summarising emails, and facilitating communication within Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Customisable Solutions: Copilot offers bespoke solutions for different business needs, including finance, sales, and service. Whether you require assistance with data analysis, customer engagement, or security, Copilot has you covered.
  • Seamless Integration: Copilot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 applications, ensuring a smooth user experience across devices and platforms.

How Copilot Works:

Copilot works by analysing user interactions and data within Microsoft 365 applications, then leveraging AI algorithms to generate relevant suggestions and assistance in real-time. It uses natural language processing to understand user queries and context, providing intelligent recommendations to streamline tasks and improve productivity.

How can Copilot help me with everyday tasks?

Copilot in Word

Draft a strategy document based on data from this Excel worksheet and notes from this recent meeting.

Add a conclusion to this document that summarises the points raised and change the overall tone of the document to be more formal.

Generate relevant refence sources based on the content of this document and list the sources at the end.

Copilot in Excel

Using the data in this worksheet, generate charts and graphs to visually represents the trends and patterns more effectively.

Help with scenario analysis by providing tools and techniques for evaluating the impact of different variables or assumptions on your financial models or business forecasts.

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows using macros or scripting, streamline Excel processes and save time on manual interventions.

Copilot in PowerPoint

Create a 10 slide presentation based on the content of this Word document and this Excel worksheet and include relevant stock photos.

Generate speaker notes for these slides to provide additional context or talking points for the presenter.

Offer suggestions for interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, or surveys to engage your audience and encourage participation.

Copilot in Outlook

Summarise the emails missed while out of the office last week and flag any important items.

Draft an email which informs clients of a annual price increase which is due next month.

Assist with organising your inbox by suggesting filters, folders, or rules to automatically categorise and prioritise incoming emails.

Copilot in Teams

Schedule a team meeting for next week and suggest times that work for everyone involved by looking at the availability in their calendars.

Summarise the key points from a recent team meeting and share them with the rest of the team.

Create a poll to gather input on a decision or a survey to collect feedback on a recent project. Draft questions that dig into how well they think the project was managed.

Pricing and Availability:

Copilot is available for an annual subscription fee of £24.70 per user per month. This pricing includes access to all features and updates, with no hidden costs or additional fees.

Your Free Copilot Assessment with Nexus

Before diving into the implementation of Copilot for Microsoft 365, it’s crucial for businesses to assess their readiness and ensure a smooth integration of this powerful AI solution. That’s where Nexus comes in. Our FREE Copilot for Microsoft 365 Readiness Assessment offers a comprehensive evaluation conducted by experienced Microsoft professionals.

We’ll assess your organisation’s readiness across various aspects, including:

  • The Microsoft 365 platform and infrastructure
  • Licensing alignment
  • Data security and compliance measures

Request Free Assessment

This assessment not only ensures that your organisation is fully prepared to leverage Copilot effectively but also addresses any potential security and data governance concerns upfront. With our guidance and support following the evaluation, you can confidently move forward with implementing Copilot, knowing that you’re making the most of this innovative AI solution while safeguarding your data and maintaining compliance.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximise the benefits of Copilot for Microsoft 365 – start with our FREE assessment today.

Contact us today on 01392 205095 or email [email protected]