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Gardens – flooding and insurance

Flooding is an ever-growing issue in the UK with one in four homes at risk, so gardens that can help reduce flood risk and recover quickly after heavy rain was a focus at RHS Chelsea 2024.

‘The Flood Re: The Flood Resilient Garden’ is an example of how dense planting can slow the flow of water. It also incorporates features to capture and store water for use at a later date. This beautiful garden is full of ideas to address the issues that flooding brings.

If you live in an area prone to floods it will inevitably have an impact on your home insurance and you may find it more challenging to get cover. Our insurers have access to Flood Re, a government-backed scheme established to help those in high-risk flood areas obtain home insurance. But what is Flood Re and how do you know if you’re eligible? Read our article to find out more: Flood Insurance – What is Flood Re?

To speak to us about the insurance you have in place for your home and garden, please contact Michael Hillier at [email protected]