Axminster Carpets

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Axminster Carpets has been a byword for quality and craftsmanship for over 250 years. Britain’s most prestigious carpet designer and manufacturer. Axminster Carpets high quality carpets, rugs and runners can be found in royal palaces, the finest hotels and private homes. As the inventor of the modern-day woven carpet Axminster Carpets, holder of a Royal Warrant, was founded in 1755 by Thomas Whitty, the creator of the now famous Axminster Weave.

A company with a proud tradition of making the world’s finest carpets for the most discerning clients, from King George III and Queen Charlotte to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Axminster carpet features in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Chatsworth House, Brighton Pavilion and many other landmark properties across the world.

With the highest definition traditional looms in the world, the highly skilled team continue to offer the finest carpet from its base in Axminster, Devon. Many of the employees are second, third and fourth generation family members and the business, which also sources natural British wool, is important to the local community.

Axminster Carpets proudly offers a bespoke design and weave service alongside customisable and woven to order offerings.

The True Authentic in British carpet weaving. Beautiful British manufacturing.


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