CSW Group Limited

Careers Advice, Educational & Training Consultants

CSW is a company committed to achieving high-quality outcomes for all our customers through the delivery of different and progressive solutions. We are highly experienced at providing solutions for individuals and funders, based on excellent customer intelligence. Our purpose is to help society work by raising aspirations and improving the life chances of our customers.
The values that drive us are:

– Quality — Delivering services through trained and qualified staff focussed on sustainable outcomes and value for money
– Building excellent relationships — through partnerships to improve jointly our communities and increase prosperity and growth
– Valuing staff – enabling them to achieve their potential so that they are confident to build trusting and effective relationships with customers and partners
– Promoting equality and diversity – so that we maximise potential at all times and at all levels throughout all our business activities
– Providing response and flexible services — innovation, customer focus and effective outcomes drive this business, including continuously seeking new approaches

These values help us achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers.


Poseidon House,
Neptune Business Park,
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