Devon Ukrainian Association CIC

Devon Ukrainian Association CIC mission is to build a thriving Ukrainian community in Devon by creating platforms where people meet, exchange, and help each other.

The organisation is being set up to do the following:

  1. Create educational programmes and eventsthat focus on the preservation and celebration of Ukrainian culture along with cultural adaptation and assimilation of British culture:

– education in the English language and British Ways of Life,

– provide information on further education (schools, colleges, universities)

– education of children and young people in Ukrainian language, history, geography culture, as part of our Ukrainian Saturday School

– education of the public in Ukrainian culture and history in particular through educational and cultural events, raising awareness concerning important contemporary and historical issues affecting Ukraine by facilitating public dialogue and discussion

– creating and supporting various interest groups: art, creativity, performance, poetry, traditional Ukrainian singing, and more

  1. Host a welcome hub for new arrivalsfrom Ukraine to create a culture of welcome and safety for those who are seeking a sanctuary from war. In-person and through robust social media channels: WhatsApp Group, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Mighty Networks.


This includes provisions of:

– guidance to new arrivals in taking the first steps (bank, mobile services, NHS, etc);

– signposting to English classes, employment opportunities or services to develop employability skills;

– advice, welfare, and other assistance to relieve suffering and hardship


  1. Provide Wellbeing support:

– mental health group sessions for those who need to share their experiences, heal following traumatic events, and look to the future with positivity.

– physical health group sessions: yoga, movement, walking sessions

– practical information and emotional support for young people 12-18 concerning mental health, bullying, future planning, relationships


  1. Host Business Hub meet-ups and seminars:

– supporting entrepreneurs and building a professional community, Ukrainian Business Hub also aims to connect Ukrainians with potential employers and employees across Exeter and beyond.

– seminar sessions on self-assessment, self-employment, starting a company, CVs and Cover letters, interviews, and job seeking.


19 North Street,
EX4 3QS,