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Trifecta Coaching has a very simple, but powerful vision.  Provide powerful coaching that allows anyone to shape the future they desire.

We have worked with business owners, leaders and managers to uncover their goals, setting a habit of thinking that will transition them into the next phase of their lives.

Here’s what some of our clients have struggled with:


In my business I was far and away the busiest person, working all the time’

I hear this often from business owners. Whether or not the business is where they want it to be, the fact is that it hasn’t bought them the freedom to enjoy life as much as they had hoped. 

‘I had no idea of the true potential of my business until working with Sam made me start looking at it like a buyer would’

Selling your business may be the furthest thing from your mind but looking at it from a buyer’s point of view is a really good way to make sure you build in systems and procedures that will drive growth and create time for you away from the business.

‘I dreaded going into the boardroom and not having the confidence to express my ideas’

Imposter syndrome, fear of judgment and being afraid that suggestions may have future career aspirations are all too common in the corporate environment.  Changing the way you think about a contribution is key here. Planning and delivering commentary that is thought-provoking and of real value will in turn begin to put you at the forefront of your company’s vision.

What’s different about us? – well, Us.

You are different to every other person in the world, which means that the way you operate, think, dream, and run your business, team and finances are unique to you. 

With this knowledge, Trifecta adapts its offering for every single person we start a partnership with.

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